Conversation & Social Skills Card Game with Five Minute Timer

Topic Talk™ Conversation Card Game is a fun way to help students begin a conversation about a certain topic, ask/answer questions about the topic, make comments to extend the topic and/or maintain the topic for a specific period of time. Similar to the game of UNO, the goal of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all his/her cards.

TopicTalk game box

More about TopicTalk™

There are two card decks. One card deck includes 75 Topic Cards from which the topic of discussion is selected. The other deck consists of Conversation Cards: 70 Talk Cards, 30 Question Cards, 20 Double Talk Cards and 10 Wild Cards (205 cards total). A 5 minute timer is also included to allow the option of determining how long to spend discussing a particular topic (once the time runs out, a new Topic Card is turned over).

Players are each dealt seven conversation cards. Play begins by first selecting a Topic Card (e.g., “Talk about your favorite game.”). Player one must have a Talk Card (produce at least one sentence), DoubleTalk (produce 2 or more sentences), or Wild Card to begin, and discards one of these cards by making a comment or two about the topic to begin the conversation. The next player can play any card by making a related comment or asking a question, discarding the appropriate card. If the player uses a Question Card to ask a question, then play changes direction. The player to the right or left (depending on the previous direction of play), must then answer the question, using a Talk, DoubleTalk, or Wild Card.

Topic Talk™ Conversation Card Game is published by Super Duper Publications, and has been a “best seller” for several years running. It is excellent for students who have weaknesses in pragmatic language, social skills, or for students who need practice in carryover of articulation and/or language goals.