“I highly recommend Dr. Pike. My son Tommy has been going to Dr. Pike for over 10 years. In kindergarten, I was told at our IEP meeting that Tommy’s speech might not ever improve. Soon after Tommy met Dr. Pike. Tommy loved her immediately. She is kind, caring and a wonderful speech therapist. Her expertise along with her belief in Tommy is what enabled him to overcome many of his speech difficulties. At every party, Tommy makes a speech. At school, he gave pep talks to the baseball and basketball teams; he was asked to recite the pledge of allegiance at his high school graduation. He always gets compliments on how great his speech is. Presently he is working on his own YouTube channel. Tommy could not have come this far without Dr Pike. She has made such a difference in Tommy’s life.”

~ Luisa F

“Dr. Pike has been instrumental in helping to remediate my 4 1/2-year-old son’s tongue thrust. Despite meeting in person only once before shifting to remote sessions as a result of the pandemic, she has managed to successfully demonstrate appropriate articulation of various sounds and guide my son’s progress. She has developed a wonderful relationship with my son and is always thinking of creative ways to engage him and keep his focus, which is no easy task! Thanks to Dr. Pike we have seen significant progress in my son’s speech and are often told by others that they notice a big improvement as well!”

~ Theresa C.

“Susan Pike has been a godsend to my family. We started with speech services for my oldest son, five years ago, at another speech pathologist, for tongue thrusting and lisping. They told me that he would need years of therapy and even then, the problem might not be solved. After two years of treatment with no results and a lot of research, I was told by my orthodontist to contact Dr. Pike. My son looked forward to his sessions and both his tongue thrust and lisp were fixed in about six months! Now my middle son sees Dr. Pike for his lisp and she is working her wonders as usual! My youngest has a stutter and will soon be evaluated by her as well. I also have never had trouble submitting her bills to insurance which is great!”

~ Claudia N.

“Dr. Pike started working with Irene on OMT and Speech Therapy just as NY went into lockdown and in-person sessions became impossible. We have been doing weekly sessions via Zoom but, even so, Irene has made so much progress with both her tongue thrust and her speech! We are still working hard but the progress has been astounding. I love seeing Irene progress and her confidence grow.”

~ Cori M.